Hot Mess

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Jessica Martin and Nicole Burrows are the co-founders of Hot Mess, an all-women’s motorcycle race team based in Savannah, Georgia


In a male dominated sport, the tandem have had to overcome stares, intimidation and doubters to chase their dreams. Martin says one of her favorite feelings is when she pulls out in front of a biker and they realize that they’re being beaten… by a girl.  “I’d like to call it the Ponytail Syndrome,” Martin says. “You know, when you’re on the track and you pass somebody and they realize you have a ponytail.”

Hard stares aside, Martin says she has no problem battling with male ego competitiveness on the race track. “That’s Ok. As long as they respect me and I respect them,” she says. Burrows says she remembers when someone posted a disparaging comment on social media under a video of her racing on the track. She says the naysayers can have their say on the sidelines. She’s on the track.

“It just fuels your fire to say, ‘I’m out here. You’re not out here. I don’t care if I come in last, I finished the race.”









Savage Studios interviews Nicole Burrows and Jessica Martin, Hot Mess, an all-women race team riding circles around male-dominated bike racing.

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