Mecko Gibson

Lead Designer, Project Manager

Mecko Gibson is a published author and artist from the Islands of The Bahamas who is passionate about his faith and his culture, often incorporating both into all he creates.

As a recent graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, Mecko obtained his bachelor’s degree in Visual Effects and Animation; two programs that are crucial to his pursuit of marrying the written word with the visual arts.

With a childhood deeply rooted in West Indian culture, Mecko has accumulated a wealth of historic knowledge accumulated through a tradition of oral storytelling steeped in a culture sparsely documented in history books.

His passion projects involved sifting through those stories and retelling them through animated shorts; a feat that would not only preserve the history that’s slowly being buried with time, but one that would also reframe the viewpoint of West Indian life from that of British colonization, to a viewpoint that more accurately reflects the true life of the natives and locals.

In addition to writing and visual art, Mecko also plays rugby, football,basketball and, sometimes, on occasion, a very fragile guitar.