Savage Studios is very passionate about any content that dramatizes the beauty and complexity of the soul.

At the epicenter of Savage Studios’ mission is to educate the public about the plight of disadvantaged peoples while offering a tangible way to help those affected. We capture the raw beauty of the human spirit. We focus on news like stories, keeping our reader up to date on the pulse of the warrior-like persons that are constantly fighting on the fronts of human rights. We specialize in mini documentaries, podcasts, fictional dramas and photography.


At Savage Studios we are a highly skilled production and content creation team that can bring your vision to life. We have a strong network of pre and post production specialists that can create content catered towards your brand and goals. Unlike many other production companies we blend heart, passion and professionalism in each project we take on. Every single piece of content we develop for you or your business will encapsulate your identity and unique branding that will connect you with your target audience. 

In addition to content creation Savage Studios has access to over 500+ locations in the state of Georgia to meet your production locations needs. In addition to our Georgia locations we have thousands more in California, New York, Louisiana, Illinois and many other states. These locations can be utilized for the purposes of filming, photography or for pre/post production meetings and project development.

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Russell Snipes

Co-owner, Director, Producer

Russell Snipes has been working in the entertainment and fashion industry for over a decade.

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Mecko Gibson

Lead Designer, Project Manager

Passionate about his faith and his culture, often incorporating both into all he creates.

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Ronin Skai

Videographer/ Cinematographer

Ronin is a professional videographer/ cinematographer with a body of work in film, commercial, music videos, weddings and documentaries.

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Javier Merida

Senior Video Editor, Screen Writer

Javier is an ambitious raconteur eager to show the world his skills as a Storyteller and Film Editor.

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Craig Johnson

Writer/ Editor

Craig is a seasoned journalist with more than 20 years of experience writing and editing

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Danaje Carey

Audio Engineer

Danaje is a professional audio engineer that has experience working concerts, weddings, and film productions.

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Hayley Latimer


Hayley Latimer is a nationally published photographer with extensive experience in multiple areas of photography and film.

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Over 150+ Film & TV Crew Members

Over 150+ Film & TV Crew Members

From production assistants, to technical directors, we have over 150 members waiting to meet your production needs.