Why Choose Us?


Savage Studios is a passionate trailblazer in the realm of digital media, harnessing cutting-edge technologies to bring your creative vision to life. With minimal pre and post-production timelines and a commitment to quality, we create captivating experiences that transcend boundaries.


Our innovative spirit thrives regardless of budget, ensuring your dreams become the immersive realities you envision.


Russell Snipes

Co-owner, Director, Producer

Russell Snipes has been working in the entertainment and fashion industry for over a decade.

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Mecko Gibson

Lead Designer, Project Manager

Passionate about his faith and his culture, often incorporating both into all he creates.

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Ronin Skai

Videographer/ Cinematographer

Ronin is a professional videographer/ cinematographer with a body of work in film, commercial, music videos, weddings and documentaries.

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Javier Merida

Senior Video Editor, Screen Writer

Javier is an ambitious raconteur eager to show the world his skills as a Storyteller and Film Editor.

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Craig Johnson

Writer/ Editor

Craig is a seasoned journalist with more than 20 years of experience writing and editing

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Danaje Carey

Audio Engineer

Danaje is a professional audio engineer that has experience working concerts, weddings, and film productions.

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Hayley Latimer


Hayley Latimer is a nationally published photographer with extensive experience in multiple areas of photography and film.

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Over 150+ Film & TV Crew Members

Over 150+ Film & TV Crew Members

From production assistants, to technical directors, we have over 150 members waiting to meet your production needs.